To The Game Film

Building the Business

In the course of 18+ years as a communications professional, I’ve done it all.

I’ve taken to the concept of “game film” to show off some of my best work:

Sean Maruyama - 2017 - Jr Presidents Cup (51)


I love catching big emotions in ordinary moments.


Graphic Design

I’ve done a little of everything – social, magazine, advertising, logos. From scratch, I can cook (and design) with the best of them.

Event Design

Now serving golf tournament, fundraisers and special events from 50 to 500+. No detail too small. Let’s get creative.

Hire +20

A new concept I’m working on – I’ve hired, trained and worked alongside thousands of communications professionals over the years. It’s expensive both in time and effort to find great creative people.

Let me help you find someone specialized for your project (video, social, photography) within your budget.




A wise man once said …

Building the Business


Nick Foles’ story is incredible.

I am (like many of you, probably) obsessed with hearing more about his path.


The “dream big, work hard, take risks” sentiment especially resonates as I make the first of what I assume will be one million steps in into my own consulting business. (Note: one million is an actual guess, not dramatic projection).

I read an article yesterday about Jordan Spieth’s early career decisions (long read, worth it). His road forked in a critical decision early on: one route was to play on an exemption into the PGA TOUR event in Puerto Rico versus a more sure thing event he’d qualified into in South America.

At the time, a peer called Jordan’s decision to take the TOUR road ‘idiotic’. He was wrong.

In Puerto Rico, Spieth was four shots off the lead going into the final round, and contended to the end of the event. His second-place finish set him up for another opportunity, which led into an incredible year on TOUR.

Spieth trusted his gut. It paid off.

In that same vein, I trust my 18+ years of talent and experience will line up with my passion for football. It’s partly why I’ve loved coaching and doing some of this work for my coaching friends for five seasons already.

And, thinking differently about how to improve football programs is already happening around the country. Annie Hansen is helping OU capture top recruits with her new ideas.

I’m your hire if I can help you with any of the following areas:

  • PR / media relations
  • marketing / sponsorship strategies
  • events – end-of-year banquets, fundraisers, golf tournaments
  • speeches
  • social media
  • content – written blogs, player profiles, editing of existing materials
  • graphic design
  • strategic planning / idea generation
  • presentations

Anything is possible. Let’s talk. Email. Twitter.