Why Scoop AND Roar Exists

Building the Business

I’m super proud of the Coaches Football Clinic list I published this year … and even more excited that it has received more than 2,000 views to date.  

I fangirled a bit about briefly being identified to other coaches on Twitter as “a national site” but that is my long-term goal in creating valuable content for all football coaches.

I started this website two years ago and I hadn’t really found my mission until this post took off and I started a new social account to promote it:

“For the love of football: coaching resources and gridiron storytelling.”

I drew on my own story for the website name:

For the handful of non-hog readers, the scoop is a backside run block for the offensive line (where I spent my playing career and where my heart will always be as a coach).  Backside blocking can be a neglected art form, but is critical to avoid negative plays … and unnecessary chaos at the point of attack.  Just like education and self-awareness, blind spots in leadership and growth can hold us back.

As I continue to cultivate knowledge, I also will gather a team of mentors and friends who’ll serve as my left tackles in life, to always tell me the truth.

I also have a passion for storytelling with my journalism background. “Getting the scoop” on something, or someone, is as natural to me as snapping a ball.  I chose to work in sports rather than write about them after college, but I do hope my website is someday as valuable to some as football scoop is to most.

“Roar” is one of many nicknames I’ve acquired but, more than that, I want it to be an opportunity to amplify great football stories and people.  One of my next projects is to roll out some introductions to some of the unique and inspirational people in the game we love.

Please message me if you’ve got ideas for the website or stories to share. I look forward to seeing you … on the line.


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