Georgia Clinics


Jan. 23-25: Nike Clinics – Atlanta, Georgia

Feb 7-9: Glazier Clinics – Atlanta, Georgia

Feb. 20-21: Minority Coaches Association of Georgia Coaches Conference – Atlanta, Georgia

Feb. 21-22: Surface to Air System National RPO Clinic – Atlanta, Georgia

Feb. 22: Georgia Tech Football Strength & Leadership Clinic – Atlanta, Georgia register

Feb. 29:Bring That Hammer” Coaches Clinic – Quitman, Georgia more

March 6-8: Glazier Clinics, 150, Coordinator School, Specialty Clinic and Head Coach Academy – Atlanta, Georgia

March 13-14: Southeast Wing-T, Spread and Defensive Clinic – Dublin, Georgia

March 26-28: University of Georgia Coaches Clinic– Athens, Georgia

May 2: Minority Coaches Association of Georgia HBCU Football Coaches Clinic – Atlanta, Georgia

One of the guys


When I was a player in high school or now as a female coach of a boys team … the greatest compliment I can ever receive is to be considered one of the guys.

Acceptance, really, is all any of us seek as people … and it’s what we can give each other in various forms.

I work hard to be considered part of the team.

Still, it’s more special every time they realize that it’s never our gender that matters.