The Three F’s of Football

Throwback Thursday


The year was 2011.

I recently retired from playing football after Atlanta won the IWFL National Championship. Coaching for the second season, I was way, way, out of my comfort zone as a receivers coach.

I wrote this at the time:

“It’s the JOY of teaching our players to love this game that makes me happy. It’s channeling the reckless abandon and creating an intense focus that still makes sense.

It’s good to remember what that joy feels like again … and simultaneously, the complete absence of worry about anything else in life.

At practice, there’s no job stress, or worrying about how much time you spend each week away from home, or how little sleep you get, or if there’s enough money in your paycheck, or if you’re doing the right things with your life, or how to solve all the other challenges ahead …
It’s football, with friends, and that’s the best fun you can have.”